life doesn't always fit into neat little boxes and although january is often seen as your fresh start, doesn't mean you can't hit reset if you need it during the rest of the year.   As a business owner I'm sure you dreamt up big goals for where you want to go and those don't necessarily fit into January - December.  Sometimes though, it can be difficult to figure out where to even start. Perhaps you've tried to set goals but fell short in achieving them somewhere along the way? Perhaps the opportunities you had your eye on didn't quite work out but perhaps unexpected ones did? Sometimes, you just feel stuck and you need clarity on what direction to take or what to do to grow. 


Now might be just the right time to do a brand audit and find out where you could be growing your tribe and making a bigger impact. A brand audit can guide you on the changes you need to make in order to sell more of your product to the right people and find fulfilment. 


10 Reasons to refresh your brand



  1. waste less time trying to figure out what to do 
  2. clear strategy eliminates doubt and increases productive efforts
  3. motivation to move forward
  4. you'll learn how to break down your goals into actionable steps
  5. you'll understand your audience's perception of your brand
  6. learn what makes you unique
  7. get clarity on what steps to take to grow your brand
  8. learn how to align your visuals
  9. having a clear plan to increase your social reach and online connections 
  10. one-on-one attention for you and your brand to help you grow



if you've been feeling stuck then that's a good indication that you need to realign your strategy and refresh your brand. 

From april 18-20 and may 1-18 I'll be booking a limited number of businesses to take you through the brand audit and create a thoughtful strategy.