consulting sessions

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Sometimes sharing candidly about where you’re at is just what you need. Someone to share your goals and challenges with.

Someone with an idea of the industry.

I’ve seen many business owners navigate the same questions. Building a business can be tiring. Wearing all the hats and making all the decisions can lead to burnout and a lack of confidence in your voice and direction. Branding or re-branding, building your business, or creating work-life balance that doesn’t leave you burnt out requires direction and planning. This is a tall order to work through alone which is why consulting sessions are so helpful.

Strategy sessions are designed to help you move your business forward with clarity on your ‘why’ by addressing your obstacles. Enjoy light refreshments while you receive actionable feedback on how to refine and improve your business. These sessions are an opportunity to invest in yourself and identify what your next steps need to be in order to develop your brand and yourself as an entrepreneur. Strategy session help you find solutions to the branding and business obstacles you experience so that you can fee up your energy for what matters most. They’re designed to to help business owners like you build a profitable, strong business that leaves you room to dream and grow.

Perhaps you have a business idea but you aren’t quite sure how to make it come alive. I’m here to help. Strategy sessions are the first step to take to create a plan to bring your ideas to life.

what you get

Sessions are based largely on individual requirements but are structured around moving your brand forward, helping you to reach your target audience, grow your revenue, and getting clear on your goals. Depending on your needs, I usually recommend at least two sessions to start with.


How do I keep ahead of the competition

How do I create a unique brand

How do I build a profitable business

Adding more value to products and services

Connecting with my ideal client

How to set better business goals

How to charge for my services

How to create a memorable experience

How to create content for my brand

How to improve my website

How to improve my workflow

How to achieve a better work-life balance

How it works

All sessions begin with a pre-meeting survey to guide our time together where we will talk about the questions or struggles you’re experiencing. In the hour-long strategy sessions my aim is to understand your business needs and offer practical advice regarding your challenges in operations, strategy, or branding. We’ll look at how to alleviate your current obstacles by talking about what to focus on and what changes to implement so that you can focus on what you do best. These sessions will either be in person or over Skype or FaceTime and are charged per hour.


One hour sessions begin at R1200 for the initial session. Half day mentorship begins at R4500.

I believe in engaging in thoughtful dialogue and creating genuine connections to provide value whether it’s a consult or we’re developing the visuals language for your brand. We’ll work through your challenges together and craft a plan to move you forward and grow your business, leaving you to focus on what’s important. Click below to learn more about available times and dates for your first consultation.