We are a team of thoughtful listeners and clear communicators
who believe that there isn’t one road map to success, that slowing down is
better than speeding up, and that a life of less always yields more.



Over the course of my six years in business, I have received countless e-mails and inquiries from fellow designers and creatives seeking advice. Often it’s with a desire to pave a path to self-employment, achieve a healthier work-life balance, or up-level their business from where they are to where they’d like to be. And while there certainly isn’t one road map to success, one of my greatest joys lies in engaging in conversations just like these — ideally over a cup of tea — to help fellow creatives craft a work life that works for them. 

When it came time to launch Marbury, I knew I wanted to take this experience out of my inbox and into reality. From freelancers, to solopreneurs, to business owners, I hear the same challenges and pain points come up again and again, and found that what we can often benefit from the most is simply the perspective of someone who understands the industry we’re operating in. Someone who can speak from experience and share their insight on navigating the ins and outs of self-employment. Enter Afternoon Tea.

Our Process

Our Afternoon Tea sessions aim to capture the feeling of sitting down with a trusted friend who you can share openly and honestly with about your business goals and challenges. With the guidance of a pre-call survey, we’ll spend our one-hour video session discussing any questions or struggles you’re currently facing around your brand or business. 

From mindset shifts, to work-life balance, to refining your brand focus, to identifying your dream customer, our session will serve as an opportunity for you to share your challenges in a safe setting. Through a candid dialogue, we’ll work to identify a clear next-step plan so you can evolve your business to better align with your goals as a self-employed creative.


Here is the potential of what you could walk
away with upon completion of our 1-hour session.


Experiencing a mental block or hurdle in your business? We can discuss how to shift your mindset and reframe your challenges in order to approach them with less tension and more ease.


Looking to level-up your business, but not sure where to begin? We can review your long and short term goals, and identify a clear next-step plan so you can eliminate the overwhelm and walk away knowing where to focus your energy.


Does your work-life balance feel off-kilter since jumping into self-employment? We can brainstorm simple shifts in your day-to-day to better prioritize self care, inject joy, and make your work life work for you.


Not sure who you’re speaking to, or how to reach them? We can engage in an exercise to identify your ideal customer, and create actionable steps towards shifting your marketing strategy in order to create genuine and lasting connections.


Jessica’s Afternoon Tea sessions begin at $200.

One of our core principles at Marbury is to listen before we speak, and to engage in thoughtful dialogue with both our readers and our clients in order to provide as much value as possible to their lives. Whether we’re hashing out what it means to balance life as an entrepreneur, discussing how to set boundaries and place value on our time and skills, sharing what tools we’ve discovered that are making life easier, dreaming about where we envision ourselves, even if we’re not sure how to get there yet, or considering how we can do less in order to find more happiness, we see tremendous value in genuine connection and creating a supportive environment both on and offline.