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what I do

I build intentional brands

grounded in simplicity.


Building a lasting brand goes much deeper looks. It’s more about creating an intentional experience, or journey if you will. It’s about crafting intentional visuals that help you tell your story and create a meaningful experience. Think of building your brand like taking care of a plant. To help it thrive it needs nourishment and care and a healthy root system.

That nourishment and care is intentional strategy that looks beyond the visuals, or leaves, and focuses on the roots, or story, grounding your brand in clarity, simplicity, and individuality. Using thoughtful strategy we’ll create a meaningful visual language that helps you foster authentic connections with your audience.

brand design

Let’s design your brand from the roots up so you have a sustainable business with room to dream and grow. We’ll focus on the heart of your brand and how to translate that
into a visual language.


content design

Creating purposeful, authentic and impactful content can feel overwhelming. I’m here to simplify that and create a beautifully curated image gallery with copy so that all the guess work is taken out and you can post confidently.



Owning a business can feel overwhelming. If
you need a fresh set of eyes then I’m here to help you get clarity, to listen to your business challenges and provide constructive support to refine and improve your business.


I believe that a life of less always yields more, in life and in business.

Hot Tea
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Over the past few years fellow designers have often reached out seeking advice around how to start their own business, achieve a healthier work-life balance or how to improve various aspects of their business. Sometimes being an entrepreneur, or solopreneur can get overwhelming but I’ve heard similar challenges arise time and again. It brings me great joy to be able to walk alongside a fellow journeyer over a cup of tea and help them gain clarity and inspiration. I found that we can often benefit simply from a fresh set of eyes or the perspective of someone who understands the industry and can share their insights. For more details on Develope sessions, read more here.

DEVELOPE sessions are offered in person or over skype and are charged per hour. All sessions will be available as individual or small group retreats, tailored to your needs.

For more information on Develope sessions please send me a message here.



I can't wait to help you create beautiful, impactful visuals and content.